Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Does Rog not think I am a Lady?

Okay funny story. Rog, my brother, calls me up and tells me about a sale over a Rural King. Previously, I told him that I needed a solution for my falling Peony bushes. He calls on Sunday to tell me about the Peony supports on sale. The next day I receive a flyer in our mail from Rural King. On the front page there is a coupon for 10% off. He didn't tell me anything about 10% off. So, I read on. It states in good ole' dignified country manner that April 2nd is Senior Citizen OR Ladies Discount Day. I particularly like what comes after the asterisk. *Must be 55 or older OR a Lady. If you are a Lady and 55 or older, you only get 10% off.

I laughed so hard. Doesn't he think I would qualify???? Love ya Rog:) I am going on April 2nd to get the Peony Supports AND I am getting my 10% for being a Lady. I just hope they don't ask for proof. You gotta love the country stores:)

Yours Truly,



  1. Tom Jones said woa woa woa shes a lady! U go get that 10% chic. ha ha

  2. I did go to Rurual King on April 2nd. I felt a little out of place but found my peony supports without too much trouble. When I went to check out the cashier asked if I knew it was ladies day. I politely said, "oh yes, I know."