Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Day 11 and Counting

Well, everything seems to be growing. The peas are out of this world. Squash doing okay but should have put stakes in the pot before it grew and really should have planted it in something that could go straight into the ground. Other blogs say the Squash, Watermelon, and Carrots won't make the transplant because the roots are so fragile. May have to start over with them.

The tomatoes and peppers are the last to rise but looking strong. Not sure why but the Bell Pepper and Tomato in the Styrofoam cups haven't popped up yet. Seem to take longer in the cups. Wonder why? Could be they are further away from the heat.

I am going to give everything a little longer to grow in the cells. May have to start transplanting into bigger cups for some. I hope they all make it.

To Seeds, Soil, and Hope! (BTW the seeds have brought some hope in the household... I just landed a JOB! It's like burying the St. Joseph statute in the backyard hoping your house will sell. Just sow a couple seeds to get a JOB:)

Yours Truly,

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