Saturday, March 21, 2009

Deciding to Grow a Garden. Really!

This is the year we will germinate seeds, transplant, and hope for a successful harvest. I can hardly believe that I am writing this myself. Deciding to accomplish this task has been years in the making, but pushed to the edge after a huge personal struggle in the professional world. I used to have a great job that allowed me to travel the country, dine in the finest of settings, and rub elbows with the C-level executives. In an effort to build a stronger family with two little girls, I took a job in a smaller town without travel, which also meant we would be closer to family. A year and a half later, I lost my job due to the economic downturn. As we try to pick up the pieces, I find myself struggling personally. Why did I leave a great job to move here? How am I going to support my family? What does the future hold for us? I keep looking for the deeper meaning and still don't have any answers after four months being unemployed.

Our lives have changed drastically. With very little money coming in we make choices that we have never faced before. Feeding, housing, and clothing a family of four has been the biggest weight on my shoulders. Fear of failing in one of these major life necessities is what keeps me up at night. Finding lower cost alternatives to everything has been a struggle but not impossible. Starting our own garden will help us be more self sufficient, provide nourishment, and be a life learning lesson for my children with the largest lesson targeting me on the back.

This blog will capture our attempt to grow a successful garden with no previous experience while at the same time rebuild hope and stability in our home.

To Seeds, Soil, and Hope!

Yours Truly,


  1. Think my post did not go through so will try again. We are so proud of you because many talk about it but never do it and that's okay too. It looks like this is going to be a family affair!!!
    The girls are having a gret time too. You are in for a ride of a lifetime as although challenging you get hooked and what a thrill. Go to this website- Mother Earth News. It is my favorite of all!!! I can hardly wait for the magazine to get here every month. Ed has something that will make the size and yield of your crop amazing. We will try to send pictures and we will bring you some. Organic of course!!! You will gasp when you see the pictures. Congratulations on your new pathway. XOXOX Love, Mother and Ed
    you see the pictures!!!!!!

  2. "Ed has something that will make the size and yield of your crop amazing."
    Do tell!

  3. great site Kat, good luck!