Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day 6: Cinnamon rocks and Squash is Huge!

I feel like a rock star. The seedlings are doing GREAT! The cinnamon worked like a charm. No mold in sight. Just a light dusting over the entire surface, and it sent the mold running. In fact, the plants are flourishing. Almost to fast, I need to do more research on what comes next. The squash is growing so fast that I think I need to transplant it to a bigger pot soon.

Almost everything has risen except for the the pepper and tomato.

I took the plastic dome off of the flats since everything is sprouting. I watered on Day 5. They looked like they were getting a bit dry. Especially since we took the newspaper off and the hoods. The heat lamp grabs the moisture in the soil.
Many questions and thoughts are running around in my head. When should we transplant and what size pots do I need? When do I give the seedlings more compost tea?
Things to do in near future: Turn the flats 180 degrees so that the seedlings will grow in the opposite direction (by following the light). This is supposed to create stronger stems.
I am off to do more research as this weekend may be filled with more activities.
To Seeds, Soil, and Hope!
Yours Truly,


  1. Rock on girl!! What green thumbs you have! This may be your new calling!! Yeah Cinnamon!!

  2. You really do have agreen thumb!!
    Love, mother