Saturday, August 1, 2009

Harvesting the Veggies!!

Sorry for the delay in posting. I started a new job and had to take a few months off of posting, BUT not gardening. Here is the update. I transplanted the seedlings a little late around June 6th. While they looked small in our raised beds, it didn't take long for them to shoot up bigger and stronger than ever. I really noticed a significant difference at week 3 in the ground. I followed a suggested method of planting the tomato plants on their side and gently curving the top to grow straight up. Roots form on the buried stems and help the stems grow stronger and thicker. Of the seedlings we planted: watermelon, broccoli, tomato, green beans, peas, peppers, squash and carrots, the first to bear 'fruit' was the squash. This is a great pick for first time growers. I averaged about 3-4 squash from two plants a week. Up until this week at least. Not sure if I will get anymore or not. Check back to see. The tomatoes are EVERYWHERE, but they are not turning red. We have had tomatoes on there for weeks, but still waiting to pick them. The green beans did get planted until a couple weeks before the 4th of July so we are being patient with those. Last week the broccoli started to form the florets and if I can keep the worms off the leaves, we might actually get to eat it. Here are some picks and promise to keep everyone in the loop more frequently as we end out the summer.

Enjoy the pic above of our 2 squash plants!!!

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