Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's that time of year!

Spring is just around the corner, which means that it is time to start the seedlings indoor. Many plants require 6-8 weeks indoor. I live in Zone 6 but on the edge of Zone 5, wo we typically plant mid-to-late May, which leaves me plenty of time. Seeing pictures like this one from our harvest last year makes me VERY excited for this year!

My Burpee catalog has had me daydreaming about what to plant in my garden this year. I recently placed an order to add something new. I got some great cherry tomatoes called Honeybunch and some Zucchini called Sure thing. Also, got some flowers to to make a cutting garden. I am going to try and use my seeds from last year too!

SOMETHING NEW! My brother is interested in growing watermelons this year and while I was looking through the message boards, I saw a great post on Watermelons: "Bury it about one inch down, in mounds. and keep wet until germination.( needs to be70 degrees or warmer to sprout.)they spread over a wide space, so make sure you do it somewhere sunny, away from other plants. You might need some lime to keep from getting blossom end rot if your soil is low ph.(acid). you could put some composted manure mixed with a little sand and use that as fertilizer. I have had watermelon for 3 years now, and the last 2 I have not had to plant seeds. (i used charleston grey heirloom seeds.)I live in georgia, and you can literally spit them out of your mouth when eating them and they will grow. Very easy to grow."

I found the seeds referenced above 40 seeds for $1.99. GREAT DEAL!

I didn't have a huge problem last year with end rot...but thinking of putting some lime in the soil if the calcium looks low. I have also seen some gardeners recommend crushed egg shells...and that won't cost me anything:)

Happy Planting!!!

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